Three Winter Tree Care Tips from Seaben Tree Service, Your Kalamazoo Tree Service Company

Reducing the crown

It may surprise you that tree trimming in the form of reducing the crown is actually best to do in the winter. What we mean by crown reduction is trimming limbs throughout the tree’s canopy in order to reduce weight and length of branches which will lowers the risk of your tree or limbs failing. The longer a branch gets, the more stress is put on the tree by gravity. Reducing the crown and this strain means a healthier tree come spring when weight is added by leaves.


While you may think that it’s impossible to tell what’s dead on a tree when there are no leaves, that’s not the case. There are obvious signs when looked at by a trained professional. The same with reducing the crown of your tree, winter is a great time for deadwooding so that the dead areas are removed before the rain of spring and the storms of summer come rolling through. Rain is especially dangerous for dead limbs as they are decayed and soak up water which creates weight and a likelihood that the limb will come down on its own.

Managing pests

There are certain types of pest management, such as applying horticultural oil, that are best done during the cold winter months as it has to be applied when the temperature is low enough. In fact there are quite a few different types of insects who hang out on trees all winter long doing damage if not taken care of.

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