Three Tree Care Problems Commonly Found on Commercial Properties in Kalamazoo

Trees, in general, thrive much more in their own natural environment than in an environment that requires a lot of containment. While maintaining trees in commercial spaces is key, performing the wrong kind of maintenance or doing it incorrectly can have lasting effects on your trees, including death. In this post, we will look at four common mistakes we see when it comes to maintaining trees on commercial properties in Kalamazoo.

Over mulching

While mulch is important, especially to help prevent damage done by lawn equipment, many commercial properties have severely over mulched trees. When there is an abundance of mulch that is piled up against the trunk of the tree, moisture is stored in the bark. This can easily cause problems with insects, bacteria, fungus, and other rot and decay.

Improper pruning

Pruning may seem easy enough, but it really should be handled by a trained professional. Over pruning of large branches can actually cause permanent injury to your tree, and improper cutting can easily cause dead branches. Besides injury to your tree, improper pruning can make your trees look unattractive.

Improper irrigation

Most commercial properties have some sort of irrigation system in place to keep their trees and other plants watered. While irrigation systems are necessary and great for monitoring the amount of water made available to your trees, they often get set up and not adjusted to reflect unusually wet or dry weather. Perhaps most importantly, if you’re using a sprinkler system, do not allow the water to be sprayed on the trunk, branches, or leaves of your trees. As mentioned above, this type of constant moisture can cause rot and decay.

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