Stump Grinding in Kalamazoo from Seaben Tree Service

Getting rid of an unwanted tree doesn’t mean just cutting it down. After the tree is chopped down, or felled, there is a stump left behind that needs to be removed, as well. In this post, we will look at several reasons you should contact Seaben Tree Services for stump grinding service in Kalamazoo.


A stump sticking out of the ground can be a trip hazard that your insurance company may void coverage for. Besides physical danger, the roots can also dangerous to pipes by causing them to rupture or burst which can cause a lot of damage that is typically not covered by homeowner’s insurance. Stump grinding is the best way to completely kill the tree and prevent the roots from growing further.


While sometimes people will use a stump as a planter for flowers, it’s not often an option because the reason for the tree’s removal in the first place is disease or sickness. For most people a stump is just an eyesore that adds another feature that needs to be mowed around. Besides, having the stump ground and completely removed allows for an opportunity to plant a new tree or other foliage in its place!


Many times, the reason a homeowner needs to get rid of their tree is because it’s diseased or sick. If it is determined that the tree is diseased, it is extremely important not to leave the stump and living root system in the ground. If the diseased stump is left, the disease can spread and cause problems for other trees and foliage in your yard.