Spring Tree Care Checklist from a Kalamazoo Tree Service Company

1. Inspection

In order to begin your checklist, you need to know what you’re dealing with. By looking over your tree, you will get a pretty good idea of what kind of maintenance or care may be necessary. In climates like Michigan, a cold, blustery winter may cause damage to your trees. It’s important to not only check for signs of damage that is caused by the weather, but also signs that there is critter damage or even indicators that your tree is aging.

2. Prune away damaged areas

In the spring, pruning should be done to branches that have sustained damage during the winter. However, pruning done to healthy branches should be saved for wintertime as that’s when the tree goes dormant

3. Add quality mulch

Mulch is for more than decoration – high-quality, nutrient-rich mulch can make a huge difference in the health of your tree. Good mulch will contain the same nutrients that trees find in the wild from other plants and organic matter.

After the winter snow melts there’s a good chance that your trees will need new mulch. Besides providing your tree with necessary nutrients, mulch also helps to limit weed growth, retains moisture after rain or watering, and helps regulate the temperature of the dirt which helps your tree receive the right amount of water and nutrients into its roots.

4. Fertilize

Last but not least for your checklist is fertilizer. Spring is the prime growing season, so it makes sense that your trees will need extra nutrients after a long, cold winter to get into the growing spirit. Not only are fertilizers great for providing your trees with needed nutrients, they also can help prevent disease, infestations of critters and bugs, and damage due to extreme weather.

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