Signs You Should Call Seaben Tree Service in Kalamazoo This Spring

Spring is here and the snow is (mostly) melted, making it a good time to have a look at your trees. Sick, dying, or dead trees not only look bad but can be dangerous if they decide to fall. A sick tree left undiagnosed can also negatively affect other trees and plants on your property. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact Seaben Tree Service in Kalamazoo this spring or summer.

Signs that your tree needs attention

It’s decaying. The problem with knowing your tree is decaying is that decay begins on the inside of the tree before there are identifiable, exterior signs. Some common exterior signs that your tree is decaying are: fungi-like spores, dead or dying branches, and wood that is soft, bendable, or easily breakable.

There are cracks. Identifying problem cracks can be difficult for the layman because some are natural and not damaging to your tree. If you notice cracks that are deep, they could be causing structural problems with your tree.

Tree cankers are present. If your tree has an open “wound” or gas and bacteria or fungi get inside, infected areas called tree cankers can form. Much like a canker sore on a person, the stress caused by the fungi or bacteria inside of the tree will show itself in areas of dead bark or “sores” on the exterior of your tree.

There is deadwood. Deadwood is just what it sounds like – areas of your tree where the wood is dried out and dead.

The tree has poor structure. Trees can sometimes grow in a way that is problematic. If your tree is growing in one direction or in a way that appears to be unnatural, you should call Seaben Tree Service before it’s too late. A tree’s poor structure is often caused by high winds or improper pruning.