Get Tree Trimming Service in Kalamazoo Before the Snow Flies

While summer has been great and isn’t quite over yet, we’re already starting to see evidence of cooler weather on the horizon. Cooler weather also means more inclement weather which can cause havoc on your property, especially when it comes to trees and branches being damaged by wind, lightning, snow, or other weather events. By taking a proactive approach to tree maintenance on your property, you can help prevent major damage to your trees that can result in extremely expensive repairs and frustrating home insurance claims. Seaben Tree Service can provide you with a full range of tree trimming, tree removal, and storm clean up services to keep your property safe and looking great. In today’s post, we will discuss some of the red flags that you should look for with trees on your property.

Tree Trimming to Remove Problematic Branches That Pose a Threat to Your Property

No matter where you drive in the greater Kalamazoo area, you are bound to find many trees with branches growing over power lines, garages, homes, or other pieces of property. That branch or tree may have been there for decades without issue, but the reality is that one solid gust of wind can change all that and bring that branch crashing to the ground. The damage can be even worse with a random lightning strike. Once winter hits, a good snowfall can result in accumulation of snow on the branch, and that extra weight, coupled with some strong winds, can stress that branch and eventually break it. If you have concerns about branches growing the wrong way on your property, call the experts at Seaben Tree Service. We can inspect the trees on your property and identify any problematic branches that should be removed to improve the overall safety on your property. With a simple investment in tree trimming now, you can avoid the inconvenience and frustration of a serious repair bill when a branch damages your car or home, or even causes serious injury to someone who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You may be tempted to grab a saw and try removing these branches on your own, but without proper training and experience, this can have disastrous results. Leave this work to the professionals at Seaben Tree Service. We have seen and done it all for more than twenty years, and we will make sure your problematic branches will be removed safely and effectively. Contact us today for a free estimate.