Four Common Mistakes Made Trimming Trees in Kalamazoo

We see a lot of common mistakes as we are looking at trees in the Kalamazoo area. Too often homeowners feel they can take care of their tree trimming themselves or solicit help from the neighbor who has a chainsaw but no professional experience. Improper tree trimming in Kalamazoo, can not only make for an unattractive tree, but also leave a tree weak and susceptible to wind damage.

Wrong timing

Not every tree can just be pruned at any time — it largely depends on the health and species of the tree. An experienced professional will be able to identify the proper time to trim or prune a tree without causing stress that could lead to sickness. Taking a chainsaw to a tree at the wrong time can mean losing your tree completely.

Improper cutting  

A common improper cutting technique we see is branches being cut off too close to the trunk. People are cutting off the collar of the branch that needs to be left in place to heal the wound created by removing the branch. Leaving this wound unable to heal invites pests and disease to take down your tree.

Pruning too much at once

An experienced tree trimming professional should be able to tell you that no more than 20% of a mature tree’s branches should be pruned at one time. In many cases, much less than 20% is perfectly fine and much healthier for the tree. If too much of the tree’s canopy is removed it will struggle to provide nutrients for itself.

At Seaben Tree Service, we are the go-to tree trimming professionals in Kalamazoo. It’s always important to remember that trees are living creatures and improper tree trimming can do more than just create an ugly tree, it can literally kill a tree that has been growing for decades or more. If you are looking for professional tree trimming in Kalamazoo, do not hesitate to contact Seaben Tree Service today!