Call Seaben for Spring Tree Services in Kalamazoo

The snow is finally (almost) gone, so you’ll have a lot more time to spend outside in your yard. Spring is the best time to go around and inspect the trees on your property for warning signs. If you have a sick or dead tree in your yard, it can have an adverse effect other trees on your property, while the possibility of the tree(s) falling also poses a risk to your car, home, or other possessions. Seaben Tree Service has been serving clients throughout the greater Kalamazoo area for more than 20 years with safe, reliable tree trimming and tree removal services. Read further for more information about the warning signs you should look for when checking the trees on your property.

Does your tree need service? Here are the signs to look for.

Decay – unfortunately, decay begins on the inside of the tree, so you won’t notice it until the exterior signs begin to show. If you notice fungi-like spores, branches that are dead or dying, or wood that is soft and easy to break, then the tree is showing advanced signs of decay.

Cracks – some trees will feature natural cracks that are benign and cause no harm. However, if you should notice a tree with a very deep crack or scar, then there could be a structural problem with the tree that will only get worse without proper service.

Tree Cankers – should you notice marking on your tree that looks like an open wound, gas, fungi, or bacteria can get into the tree and cause tree cankers to form. Once the fungi and bacteria are inside the tree, you will notice growing areas of dead bark around the trunk of the tree that will slowly erode the overall structure of the tree and pose a serious risk.

Deadwood – quite simply, deadwood are areas on your tree where the wood is dried out and completely dead. These areas need to be addressed, as they will attract destructive insects like termites, which can eventually pose a risk to other trees or your home.

Poor Structure – there are times in which trees grow in a certain direction that can eventually result in the tree becoming unbalanced and falling. Whether caused by high winds or improper pruning, Seaben Tree Service can provide pruning service to correct the issue before it becomes a serious and dangerous problem.

Whether you need 24 hour emergency service due to storm damage or pre-emptive tree trimming to avoid major problems, Seaben Tree Service can complete the work with a strict focus on safety. Call us when you need us!